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Heavy Equipment Recovery

Austin Block Company provides heavy equipment recovery services in Central Texas. Working directly with our clients, we provide fast, efficient, and safe service. Austin Block’s Heavy Equipment Recovery crews will come to help get you out of situations where a traditional tow may not be enough.

We provides recovery services to commercial and public sectors when needed. Our heavy duty recovery fleet will come to your rescue anytime you have found your equipment in a tough spot. We are committed to helping you get out of the toughest situations. Whether your equipment has sunk into the ground, tipped over, gotten stuck in mud or snow, Austin Block Recovery Services can provide the necessary rescue team to help you get going again.

If your equipment has found itself in a difficult situation, we’ve got you covered. Our heavy duty recovery trucks are equipped with a wide array of tools and equipment specially manufactured for the unique needs of construction sites. Our crews can come out to your site and get your heavy equipment up, down and moving in no time.

Our Heavy Equipment Recovery crews provide prompt and reliable service. If you have a piece of heavy machinery stuck in the mud or sand, Austin Block will get you back on the road quickly and safely. Our Recovery teams are prepared with heavy duty equipment to tackle just about any scenario including sunken, tipped, jackknifed and stuck equipment. Call us today to discuss your needs!

About this Process

If your equipment has tipped over, gotten stuck in mud or sand, or is trapped at the bottom of an embankment… give The Austin Block Company a call!

We will send over our crew with the necessary equipment and tools to get you out of your pickle!


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