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Concrete vs Limestone Blocks

There are two common choices for retaining wall material. Concrete, and Limestone Blocks. They each have their own advantages so the right option will vary project-to-project. Limestone Blocks, offer a wide variety of different colors, styles, and density levels. Making it easy to find a Limestone Block that is right for your project. Limestone Block retaining walls tend to last longer than concrete, and can be stronger and more dense. However, concrete blocks have their own advantages as well. First of all, being the price. Our concrete blocks can be manufactured for less, and weigh less than that of our limestone blocks which means freight cots will be lower. Concrete blocks can also feature a inter-locking system, making them ideal for walls, and material bins. 
Whatever your project, The Austin Block Company will be able to help you decide what material is right for you.

What are SRW blocks, and what are their advantages?

A Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) consists of a series of interlocking segmental pieces that are stacked up to create your retaining wall – think of it as a large scale LEGO block wall. SRW systems are commonly and successfully used in a range of applications, including highway projects. Their popularity can be attributed to a combination of reduced construction costs, versatility, aesthetic appearance, ease of installation, and an increasing number of proprietary designs available in the market.

Will My Project Need Permitting?

Depending on the area you live in, you will need a building permit before settling a retaining wall. Every building department can also make their own set of rules. You should be acquainted with the rules and regulations of your particular area, so that you don’t have to change your design after or beg for a pardon if you violate the rules.

Where Is The Material Sourced From?

All of our material comes from right here, in the great state of Texas. The majority of our Limestone Blocks come from our quarry located in Central Tx, just outside of Florance.

Our Concrete Masonry products, and our aggregate products, are manufactured at our plant just outside of Austin.

However, our Leuders and Charcoal Limestone styles comes out of our northern quarry up in Leuders, Tx. The reason being is that this area in Leuders is the only place you can find the dark grey, charcoal, and blue limestone styles.